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Not : Araç 1998 model megan1

What should I look for in a used Renault Megane hatchback?
With so many Meganes for sale there’s no reason to settle for an example that hasn’t been well maintained. A full service history is one good indication of this, but also check the body panels for scratches, dents or mismatched paintwork, and ensure the tyres have a decent amount of tread on them and are from a known brand. After all, if the previous owner has skimped on tyres they might also have neglected fixing other problems.

There have been a handful of recalls for the third-generation Megane, most notably to do with potentially faulty airbags and power steering on cars built up to 2011. Additionally, braking performance on later Meganes could be affected if work isn’t carried out to the brake vacuum pump. If you contact a Renault dealer with the car’s registration number, they can tell you if any necessary recall work has been carried out.

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