Making Kyle's Corvette Reliable Yet Un-Practical: Slamming a C4 'Vette!

Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars
გამოქვეყნებულია 26.10.2019

Our Shreditor Kyle's whole goal with this inherited C4 Corvette was to make it a reliable daily driver. But that's just not the Hoonigan way... we need to make this thing low, loud, and unpractical. Because what fun is it being boring able predictable?

Special Thanks to Holley!

Spark Plugs -
Coils -
Wire Set -
Headers -
Valve Covers -
Flowtech Exhaust -
Optispark -
Injectors -
Radiator -

Special Thanks to Falken Tire

Special Thanks to Vansteel

Zevahc Productions

Runtime 00:13:44

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